Decoration of the 18th century

Vaso / Vase

Lorenzo Sallandra



Maiolica / Majolica

cm h 45.5

The shape of this vase with a lid derives from the Oriental “potiches” for this reason it is also called the “Chinese-style vase”. The biblical scene of “Tobias, recovered from illness prostrate himself in front of the Archangel Raphael” is painted in the front part of the vase. In the base there is the date of the execution and the signature of the author “Laurentius Sallandra Pinxit / Anno Do[min]i 1748”; together with another exemplar collected at the MIC decorated with Noah’s arch, it was part of the monumental pharmacy complex of the “Farmacia degli Incurabili” (Pharmacy of incurables) in Naples, made up of about 400 works. The vase is decorated only in the front for décor opportunities, due to its excellent artistic quality, it is included in the pictorial genre called “Castellan-Neapolitan style” from the collaboration among artists from Abruzzo and Campania such as the Grue’s and the Salandra’s families.