The decorative “families” of the 15th century



Last quarter of the 15th century


This dish is decorated with the rich motif of the “peacock feather”, painted in orange, blue, brown and green. The motif surrounds an emblem containing two coats of arms: the “flourished palm” representing Galeotto Manfredi, Lord of Faenza, and the goblet with the letters “I . O” (“Iohannes”) representing Saint John the Evangelist. Galeotto’s devotion for Saint John was so deep that he gave the name of the Saint to the son he had in 1482 from his lover Cassandra Pavoni. The “peacock feather” decoration was associated to the name of Galeotto’s lover, in fact it was often used for the celebrative vessels of the Manfredi’s family. These two coats of arms joined in an emblem may celebrate the birth of John the Evangelist, Galeotto Manfredi and Cassandra Pavoni’s son.